to my new blog! After recently (well, yesterday) getting 25,000 hits on my previous one – HERE – I thought it was time to move home. I fancied a change uh scene, like. So, here I am, my words being neatly pressed between these WordPress walls – and it feel *good*. And, I’ve decided to change the slant of what I write about a little/slightly, to include not just what I am doing, and writing, and how well things are going – but also to cover the mistakes, errors, and embarrassments of everyday poet-y life. Like, not including a welcome post when I promoted this new blog, which apparently then comes across as UN-welcoming (thank you, Richard Huw Morgan!). So – WELcome. WellCOME. WELLLLLL – cum. Honestly – DO. And please, follow the blog, for more from me. Cheerz xxx

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