Tonight I’m running a creative writing workshop with Making Minds in Aberdare. We will be re-writing the lyrics of favourite songs. I thought I would share this song that I wrote a while back, it’s to the tune of Summertime but is in a thick Caaaardiff accent!!!



Suppertime, and the chippie is easy

Fish that’s fried is so easy to buy

Just 2 quid and your dinner is sorted

Jumbo sausage and a large Clark’s pie


It takes hours making something nutritious

Jamie’s right, you should always try

Five a day’s the best way, but the dishes

Get used up and they pile so high


It’s a drag making meals every evening

Break a nail peeling veg, I ask why

So much time is consumed, you’re left feeling

You’ve been fooled as the minutes just fly


Save your time and your sanity, darling

Keep your plates for when momma drops by

Saveloys and fried chicken are calling

Greasy chips and a large Clark’s pie


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