Recently I was asked to write a poem to perform at the Senedd (Welsh Government building) in Cardiff, South Wales. It was to support the amazing Future Generations sustainability bill which could change not just our local way of doing things, but set a wonderful example for the whole world. I would really like to see Wales – surrounded on three sides by water, with so much beautiful green countryside – lead the way on this. Businesses need legislation in order not to put profit first, sadly. This is capitalism! But, thanks to this bill campaigned for by the World Wildlife Fund, that could change. I sincerely hope that it does. More info below, as well as the poem of course.



and I should also note that the Welsh Wish campaign on social media was primarily a photography campaign, in which one of my own pics was a winner. You can see that photo here:


Please follow @wwfcymru on Twitter and support the #fgbillwales as much as you can! Cheers x

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