We interviewed Mab Jones about her life as a poet, performer and about her collection of poetry, Poor Queen. Mab Jones is a resident poet at the Garden of Wales, the host of Heartspoken, and an editor of Sabatage Reviews.

featuredwriters_bigger2Here’s what the UK writer had to say:

Fem: Can you tell us a little bit about the collection you’ve published?

Mab JonesPoor Queen, from Burning Eye Books, is my first poetry collection, mostly consisting of works I wrote 5-7 years ago, but with a few more recent pieces as well. The style is satirical and political, post-modern and bawdy – a lot of observation, opinion, and irony. I guess you might call it ‘social commentary’. Some of it might be deemed offensive – I sometimes channel anger through my work, using it as a form of creative fuel – and there is definitely explicit content. A…

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