As I prepare to travel to Tokyo, Japan, to study the ancient-yet-amazingly entertaining art of rakugo storytelling, my thoughts turn to those who so kindly helped crowdfund my last Oriental trip – to take part in the Kansai St David’s Day event in Osaka, promoting Welsh poetry, art and culture, back in 2012. I received a fee from the festival for the appearance, but this was about 50% of what I needed to travel such a long way, and to do so many things (talks, another performance in Kyoto, and more). I am SO very grateful to all the lovely people who gave so generously at that time, a list of whom you can read HERE.

This time, of course, my trip is educational, and kindly funded by Arts Council Wales via a GREATLY appreciated Creative Wales Award.

While I pack and prepare, then (I leave next Wednesday!!), I see that musician, community artist, writer, and many other things besides, Cheryl Beer, is en route back from France where she has been following her heart-felt dream of setting up a creative space/retreat at a beautiful house somewhere in Normandy or Brittany. Cheryl has been very kind to me, not just with the above trip, but in various other ways. I am thrilled to be included for the second year in her group trip to perform at the Promenade Festival in Tramore in July, for example, and I am very grateful to her not just for passing such opportunities my way, but for setting an example of how to be a really super-duper, in-demand, much-adored, and rather amazing community artist and facilitator (it looks from her example as if the secret is to give your ALL….!).

Most recently, Cheryl has trained as a sound healer, too, which she adds to her many other gifts. You can read more about that HERE.

And, please do follow her blog, Fusion Inspire, which includes THIS fascinating, fantabulous, and really quite magical post about another of her adventures, this time in the woods, with the wondrous result of a real stone circle being sent to some very lucky children in PenPych!

Enjoy the blogs! Enjoy every moment you can, really. Giving your all, and being in the moment, are the keys to everything, I feel… And magic can really happen, if you choose to follow your heart.

Cheryl Beer. Image from Indigo Lightfoot Sound Healing blog.
Cheryl Beer. Image from Indigo Lightfoot Sound Healing blog.

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