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Roath, a buzzingly bustling part of Cardiff should be a port of call in your very near future if your interests include seeing and hearing poets and spoken word artists of all kinds recite, rant, rave, rap in your general direction, and even ring the bells of your heart with the songs of their souls.

Christina Thatcher, Dave Daggers, Mab Jones, Johnny Giles, Mark Blayney, Steven Kenward and many  more weavers of words and hosts with the mosts will be demonstrating just how versatile an alphabet with a mere 26 letters can be, treated with the appropriate amount of loving caresses. Smiles will happen, hearts will beat at various rates for various reasons, tears may be shed, unexpected ejaculations of chuckling delight are a distinct possibility. The festival offers events (see below) that fill a whole three days to bursting point with spoken word, written word, workshops and exhibitions, all rounded…

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