This summer, over August and September, I am Resident Writer at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse.

My plan is to fill the house itself with literature – with poetry made palpable – with verse that is visual, tactile – which visitors can feel and touch, and connect with/to, as they write and read.

I will achieve this by engaging the lovely people who come to the boathouse in a number of Interesting Activities.

In the second month, these will hopefully have reached a number which qualifies them as ‘installation’.

This weekend, we began with a poetry washing line, and poetry hand prints. Lots of kids took part in the activities, and lots of adults did, too.



Read one wonderful poem here by Meriel Rose Whale:

A cool creative kid called Zoe also wrote many brilliant poems (along with Olivia and her sister – hello) and you can see her portrait of me now as a profile on my Facebook page:


Other activities will include lovespoon lyrics, poetry postcards, and an ongoing Japanese crane installation for anyone who wants to have a go. This will complement a spot of haiku writing, inspired by the glorious views.

I will also be premiering new work, at two exclusive evenings. This will include poetry, and Japanese rakugo storytelling, which I had the great fortune to learn a little of in Tokyo recently, thanks to a Creative Wales Award.

Expect the spooky and surreal, as well as a big dollop of zany humour. I’ll be the one in the kimono.

Details below.

See you there !  x

Details for the evenings…..
15/8/15 a/and 12/9/15 7pm – 9pm
Tocynnau yn cynnwys lluniaeth ysgafn £8.50 Tickets includes light refreshments.
Archebwch yn fuan – 01994 427420 Book tickets early to avoid disappointment


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