I am having a wonderful time as Resident Writer in the Dylan Thomas Boathouse!

So far, I have met hundred and hundreds and visitors, from near, far, not too distant, and further afield.

Many of these people have written words / lines / poems, which I have been turning into literary installations, filling the Boathouse with words by people from all over the globe.

Here is the versified fireplace and ‘poetrigami’ hanging in the best parlour, for example.

DSC_1930-01   12036635_10153641772474282_7092500637980405405_n   DSC_1927-01

We also have a plethora of poetry postcards – little glimpses into the thoughts and feelings of visitors during their time in the Boathouse – as well as socks and hand prints covered with sentences and snippets from adults and children alike.

It is lovely!

It’s Open Doors this coming Saturday 19th September, too, which means that the Boathouse museum will be free to get into; the famous Writing Shed will be open, as well. I’ll be going between the two, reading poems, writing, chatting, enjoying the views, and engaging with the many visitors.

I really recommend coming along at this time. Take a look at the article below for more details, and for info on the other Open Doors places in Laugharne.


Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who has been to visit so far. Especial thanks to poet Judith Toms and the Aberdare Poets for sending me this beautiful hand-made card following their visit last week.

DSC_1933-01 (1)

Having so much fun! I don’t ever want to leave….. x

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