I’m feeling a little sad, a little blue, now that both my residency at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse, and the Creative Wales Award period, are over.

On the plus side, I can now ‘do’ rakugo storytelling! Which I love. And, my teacher is definitely coming over from Tokyo to Wales in August of next year to teach and perform here. Hurrah!

The award has changed my life, really, in so many ways… I’ll be forever grateful for it.

Also, it was just marvellous to see my ideas for the Boathouse to take real and actual shape. To fill the house with words, poetry and prose snippets, from all the wonderful visitors, was the aim, and we definitely succeeded in that!

Below, please see the fireplace in the best parlour, laden with love spoons, each one in turn ladled with verse. The cute handprint poems are by visiting children, just at the foot of the fireplace.


DSC_2261 (1)

Then, the origami installation in the tea room, with coloured paper poems and Japanese origami cranes hanging for all to see (and to read)…

DSC_2230 (1)

DSC_2231 (1)


Up in the museum, you will find the poetry washing line (which was, at various times, outside on an actual one….)


And finally, there were the poetry postcards, all flapping about around the house, until I found a home for them upstairs, not far from the inside washing line.

DSC_2213 (1)

All in all, there were several hundred pieces of writing from visitors who came from all over the UK, the US, France, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Australia, and various other places.

I’m going to create a group poem from all the pieces of writing now, so do keep a look out for that in the very near future. I’ll put it here, on my blog, when it’s done.

And, thanks so much to everyone who came to visit or supported in some way. Especial thanks to: Eleri Retallick for the wonderful opportunity; Lee and Nicky Prosser; Bob and Heather Fish; Jon Tregenna and Rox; Mark Montinaro; Sam Collins; Dawn (and Toby); Trudi Peterson; Cheryl Beer; Judith Toms & the Aberdare Poets; Anthony Jones, Julia Angell, and Helen Williams; Jo Mazelis; Jonny Fluffypunk; Lindsey Oliver and John; Johnny Giles; all the Boathouse staff; and too many others to actually name here! You are all absolute stars. Thank you so much!! I had fun. But, I couldn’t have done it without you, so, cheers xxx

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