A poem I wrote for the amazing Writers for Calais Refugees blog. Please check out all the fantastic poems and poets that have already been on there… Though the subject matter of course is very sad and shocking, so please be warned, the language and imagery in these poems can be very affecting.

Writers for Calais Refugees

A Sonnet for the Cold & the Dead

The politician’s ploy is to pretend
that he’s been troubled by the photos, too:
the pickled limbs of children on the sand;
their corpses splayed like seaweed; salted through.
He does not cry, but tells us that he could,
those tiny, starfish’d bodies in his eyes;
his tongue a lifeboat sent into the flood,
pretending rescue, really packed with lies
which might be weighted anchors, or just air,
nothing that the drowning ones can grasp;
the point is that he doesn’t really care
about those refugees who drink their last
from our grey sea: who sink instead of swim.
Babies’ bodies frozen cold – but not as cold as him.

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