Today I am dreaming of Dylan Thomas… Not just because I am a fan of the great writer, but also because I was recently appointed as the coordinator of this year’s International Dylan Thomas Day, which is Saturday May 14th.

This is, of course, a massive honour, as well as a large undertaking. I’m hoping that this year, in conjunction with the events I’ll be organising through Literature Wales, lots of people will get onboard to organise their own events, rather like people already do with Burns Day and the fantastically successful National Poetry Day, which has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1994. Certainly, this was the case last year, for the very first #DylanDay. And I’m hoping this year will be even bigger, if not better, as well!

Plaque from the front of the Dylan Thomas Birthplace, Cwmdonkin Drive, Swansea, where the young Dylan wrote so many of his famous poems.


Already, some of my lovely, proactive, community-minded poet-organiser pals have gotten into gear with suggesting and starting to set up events.

Renn Hubbuck-Melly, who runs JUKE Open Mic, is planning a ‘Dylan Cut Up’ workshop, facilitating creative writing through the use of surrealist cut-up techniques but using the works of the great poet as inspiration/source material.

Will Ford, who runs Megaverse and will be co-running Cardiff’s Free Write event in 2016, will run an open mic in which readers will perform poems inspired by the works of Dylan Thomas. Get writing now if you’d like to take part!

Rebecca Lowe, poet, writer, and peace activist, is planning a Dylan Thomas flashmob! This will almost certainly take place in Rebecca’s (and Dylan’s) hometown of Swansea.

Sophie McKeand, recent winner of the Outspoken Innovation In Poetry Prize, hopes to organise an event in Wrecsam. Details of this, and all the above, TBA soon!

These events will all take place in Wales, but please remember that this is an INTERNATIONAL event. Last year, events took place all over the world! Let’s make the same happen again. Also, Dylan’s work has been translated into Welsh, French, and many other languages besides English, so the fact Dylan wrote in this should be no barrier to celebrations. If you love Dylan, whether you’re in North Wales, South Wales, Texas, or Timbuktu, feel free to join in!

Mark May 14th in your diaries, then… And more news will follow soon on resources, posters, links, and other goodies you can download from the Literature Wales website to help make your event happen.

Let’s make Dylan Day a day to remember! And let’s have a lot of fun making it so, too. I’m sure that’s what Dylan would have wanted, really. Get in touch if you have any ideas/plans! More TBA soon.

Gorgeous Dylan Odyssey book, available from publisher Graffeg now.




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