I’ve been very busy recently, touting my book about, and teaching at Cardiff Uni, but the travel and the tutoring are all finished for the holidays, now. So, I thought I’d write my first blog post in a while, and let you know about poet Claire Trévien‘s excellent poem film project, in which she creates an original poetry film for each advent calendar countdown day of the month.

So far, the project has included wonderful poets such as Wendy PrattZoë Brigley Thompson, and Catherine Ayres, as well as myself. Today’s poem film, with poetry by Kallie Rose, and film by Claire, made my heart feel as if it was about to pop! All of them are really unique and interesting, of course, with all sorts of thoughts and emotions arising as a result…

Take a look at Claire’s YouTube page to watch some of the wonderful things. And, make sure to follow if you want to keep up with the advent calendar in its countdown towards Chrimbo. There are many more lovely ones to come, before then, of course. It’s better than chocolate! Promise… 😉

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