I do not blog a lot, but when I do, it’s to impart unto you, gentle reader, either my own news or news which I believe is of great value, importance, significance, and excitement.

All these emotions, and more, for the following!

Two very fine writers (who happen to be women. Who happen to hark from Wales. Who also happen to be astounding performers of their poems. And who I happen to have the great pleasure of knowing) have celebrated, in the first case, news; and in the other, views, as follows:

First up: the bold, brilliant, and beautiful Rufus Mufasa has been announced by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales as their very first Poet in Residence!

Rufus will be in residency for a year, responding to the new Well-being of the Future Generations Act, promoting Wales as a pioneer in sustainable development, and bringing the work of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales vividly to life.

Read more about the residency and what Rufus will be up to here: https://futuregenerations.wales/news/future-generations-commissioner-for-wales-announces-name-of-first-poet-in-residence/

Secondly, but by no means secondly (I’m only writing this secondly because ‘news and views’ was a better rhyme for my post title, so I’m going with things in that order), the vibrant, vivacious, and very excellent clare e. potter had her documentary The Wall and The Mirror go out on BBC 2 television very recently.

This details the beautiful story of a Cefn Fforest barber who has been cutting hair for 67 years, and the stories of those who are remembered in a vast array of photographs adorning her shop walls.

You can still view this programme on BBC iPlayer here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002y3t

Both Rufus and clare, as you may already know, are wonderful writers, with truly unique and original voices, visions, and minds. I really wanted to get this blog post out for International Women’s Day , therefore, but time and intention sadly didn’t match up, so here it is for you on a Sunday. Plus, although I feel that women’s voices are still often sidelined, and that would have been what I’d said in an IWD-related post, here are two women who are now in the centre, at the forefront, doing amazing work despite any challenges, and gaining popularity and support as a result of their talent and tenacity.

So, IWD aside, here are two humans who I heartily recommend you read, watch, and listen to. Follow them now!

And, as a little bonus, hear them read a poem collated by them from many entries to a competition myself and Literature Wales ran as part of International Dylan Thomas Day. I always thought these two writers were amazing, and wanted to involve them in some way when I coordinated this celebration… The ‘great poem’ they came up with, bringing so many hundreds of voices from around the world together, was truly remarkable. Because, they are truly remarkable, and because they are, inherently, steadfast supporters of other writers and communities.


Well done, both, and looking forward to reading / hearing / seeing more of your work in the future!

Copyright: International Dylan Thomas Day/Literature Wales

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