Black Rabbit Press

The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass by Mari Ellis Dunning and Natalie Ann Holborow

In this collaborative poetry pamphlet, Natalie Ann Holborow and Mari Ellis Dunning stir together myth, legend, fairytale, and iconic female characters to cast a book-length spell and bewitch, as well as beguile, the reader. With intelligence and imagination they question stereotypes, delve into archetypes, and dissect what we think we know, transmuting old stories, through gorgeous language and idiosyncratic imagery, into new and startling tales. Marginalised female voices are brought to the fore, their inner worlds expertly and sensitively realised. Unsettling, evocative, and full of surprise, this is a rich and entirely unique undertaking by two of the brightest young voices in poetry today. £7 + £1.50 p&p


Things Only Borderlines Know by Olivia Tuck

Things Only Borderlines Know is a vivid, vital, and very affecting book of poems by Olivia Tuck. It is published by new poetry pamphlet publisher Black Rabbit Press, which is founded and run by Mab Jones and which aims to publish new, unique, and diverse voices. This is a book that is as profound as it is personal; zings with honesty and energy; is both concise and yet compelling, with striking, often highly visceral, imagery. It is the work of a writer of great feeling and imagination. £7 + £1.50 p&p