At the City’s Edge: the Wetlands of Wales – episode 1

 At the City’s Edge: The Wetlands of Wales is a podcast of poems, stories, discovery, discussion, music and sound art exploring the importance of the Welsh wetlands, which are now under threat. With special guests for this episode: Steve Andrews, and Wynn Griffith. Created and hosted by Mab Jones, with support from the Royal Society of Literature and a Literature Matters Award 2019. This podcast is also available on iTunes and Spotify. Continue reading At the City’s Edge: the Wetlands of Wales – episode 1

Earth Day / Welsh Wetlands

When you think of all the life that Earth has sustained – is sustaining – will sustain, across the whole of time; when you think of the near infinity of flora and fauna blooming and being upon, above, and within the Earth right at this moment; when your mind reaches up to the thin wing bones of a bird, let’s say the albatross, which are of a span so wide as to allow it to glide thousands of kilometres without pause; and then think down to the deepest dwelling creatures of the sea, as deep as we can ourselves fathom, … Continue reading Earth Day / Welsh Wetlands

Cardiff Wetlands Writer in Residence

I’ve recently been able to announce that, in agreement with Cardiff Harbour Authority, I am now Writer in Residence at Cardiff Wetlands. This is a non-contractual role which I am undertaking for my own inspiration and development. Why Wetlands, though? some of you have asked…. Well, previously, I was Writer in Residence at the National Botanic Garden of Wales; so, this new, nature-based position seems like a perfect follow on from that. However, unlike the National Botanic Garden, this little fringe of mud, moisture, and metre-high wild grasses isn’t well known to many, remaining a mystery even to Cardiff-born city slickers … Continue reading Cardiff Wetlands Writer in Residence