Mab teaches the following 10 week courses at Cardiff University. They are currently open for enrolment. Each course is worth 10 credits at Level 4 (undergraduate level).

Exploring Creative Writing

  • Tuesdays from 22nd January 13:00-15:00
  • Wednesdays from 1st May 13:00-15:00

Are you intrigued by creative writing but not sure how to go about it? Does the blank page intimidate you?

This course offers an introduction to the main techniques of writing creatively and will enable you to develop your ideas in a friendly and supportive environment. Various forms of writing will be examined, including fiction and poetry, and work will be shared and discussed.


Reading & Writing Poetry

  • Thursdays from 27th September 13:00-15:00

This course adheres to the sound advice that if you want to write poetry you should read it.

It is open to anyone who wants to have a close but open-minded look at how poetry, in all its shapes and styles, succeeds in capturing the reader’s imagination. If you would enjoy this, and the inspiration to write your own poems, come and be part of a friendly, supportive class that welcomes all abilities.


Flash Fiction

  • Tuesdays from 29th January 19:00-21:00

When is a short story so short that it becomes a different type of story? What is the difference between the short story and micro fiction? And what is the relationship between brevity and narrative?

This practical creative writing course considers the burgeoning genre of flash fiction, exploring the spectrum of brief narratives, including microfiction, drabbles, nanofiction, twitfic and the short-short, and their place within modern society and technology. It will provide an overview of publishing opportunities and practical tips on approaching magazine and competition submissions. 


Life Writing

  • Wednesdays from 1st May 19:00-21:00

Draw on your own history and experience to tell the story of your life.

Whether you want to engage readers, share your history with family and friends, or simply write for yourself, this module will give you the methods and means of composing compelling life writing, autobiography and memoir.


For further details and to enrol contact:

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