Poem On October

In the final week of October, I was Resident Writer at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse. This project, ‘Poem in October‘, saw a number of different writers running events and engaging with visitors in the beautiful museum and tea rooms. I was the last of these, and my week, which I called ‘Poem ON October’, saw me collating, collecting, and encouraging poems from people visiting the Boathouse who had travelled, in some cases, not just from other towns and cities but from other countries, as well. I collected over 200 poems on October, autumn, the Boathouse, and the stunning estuary views, and … Continue reading Poem On October

A Poet finds Peace in the Park

Ueno Park in Tokyo is a man-made mass of flowers and trees – not made literally, of course, but picked out, planted, and designed. That sense of wildness which you find in all public parks, but tempered by man’s tastes at the time, and in that particular place on the earth. Whether cherry trees are purposely planted or not I don’t know, except that they often exist in whole groves, which does suggest the former. In Ueno Park I came across one which was dedicated to the poet Shushiki, who composed a famous haiku about sakura (cherry blossoms) and the … Continue reading A Poet finds Peace in the Park

Stand-Up Poetry in Motion

Three top spoken word poets will be making their way to the city this month as part of the 6th Cardiff Comedy Festival. With over 80 shows on offer, this is the first time poetry has ever been included in the line-up. This is cool! Do come along to support. If this one’s a success, then we can programme even more spoken word shows next year (and include my local poet pals as well – yay!). But, for this year, we will JUST HAVE TO MAKE DO (!) with television’s PHILL JUPITUS (aka Porky the Poet), top stand-up poet and baby-faced … Continue reading Stand-Up Poetry in Motion

Supper time

Tonight I’m running a creative writing workshop with Making Minds in Aberdare. We will be re-writing the lyrics of favourite songs. I thought I would share this song that I wrote a while back, it’s to the tune of Summertime but is in a thick Caaaardiff accent!!! Suppertime   Suppertime, and the chippie is easy Fish that’s fried is so easy to buy Just 2 quid and your dinner is sorted Jumbo sausage and a large Clark’s pie   It takes hours making something nutritious Jamie’s right, you should always try Five a day’s the best way, but the dishes … Continue reading Supper time

Making a Poetry Film

Today I made some poetry films. Filmic poems. Poem-y film things. Yes, THEM. With the help of film-makers Jack Morris (camera chap) and Max Phillips (boom bloke) two poem film babies are now being brought to birth. Is that a good metaphor? I DON’T KNOW! View this post on Instagram Making a #poetry film! #Cardiff #Wales A post shared by Mab Jones JOURNAL (@mab_jones) on Mar 29, 2014 at 8:13am PDT But, I did learn a few things about making films today, so here are a few tips for you who haven’t but might, or have but it all went … Continue reading Making a Poetry Film